Refrigerated Vans in Cornwall

There are many aspects of business that seem completely unknown to us before an understanding of them becomes a necessity. Take the way that business signs are manufactured for example, they seem to emerge fully formed, and yet there is much that goes into their design and construction. The same is true of refrigerated vehicles, it is only when you think about it that you realise these are not off-the-peg.

There is a firm not far from R.Pascoe and Sons that provide these unique and essential vehicles, converting existing transport into refrigerated vans, or make available for sale the range of cooler vans and trailers already completed. Shaw Van Conversions ( offer a very professional service, and it is good to see a business in Cornwall working on a national level as they do.

Creative Carpentry in Cornwall

Carpentry no longer means working with a handsaw, and there has been a growing desire for creative carpentry and joinery throughout Cornwall. Businesses and tradesmen have discovered that by combining cutting edge CNC manufacturing technology, and a complete design service, they are able to transform their clients concepts into a reality.

Coast Creative Joinery ( also offer a comprehensive and competitive manufacturing service to the trades including flat packed/fully assembled kitchen and bedroom cabinetry in a wide range of Egger laminate colours.